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The Shuttle is more than your typical, lightly padded sleeve. It’s the ultimate compact computer case.

Small in size. Big on protection.

The Shuttle allows you to work directly from the case, providing full-time protection. The cooldeck’s non-slip riser pads facilitate airflow, keeping both your lap and computer cooler. An external document pocket will accommodate a few magazines in thickness, while the accessory pocket provides just enough room for the essentials (power supply, cables, etc). The vertical design aligns with your body to easily slip through crowded or congested areas. The design also reduces the distance to the ground in the event of a fall. Elegant simplicity is combined with road-warrior protection to provide everything you need in a compact case.

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• 11" accommodates a 12" x 8.75" x 1"
• 14" accommodates a 13.75" x 9.5" x 1 laptop
• 15" accommodates a 15" x 10.5" x 1.25" laptop
• 17" accommodates a 16.25" x 11.75" x 1.5" laptop
• work directly from the case for non-stop protection
• slim, vertical design for carrying in crowded spaces
• Cooldeck riser pad for heat dissipation
• secure, sewn-in shoulder strap
• ID window on outside, perfect for students
• designed for use on your lap or desktop surface
• rigid frame & shock-absorbing foam padding throughout
• reinforced stress points for secure handling
• expedition-grade fabrics with heavy waterproof coating
STL011BLK - 11" Shuttle 2.1 Black
STL011RD - 11" Shuttle 2.1 Red
STL011RB - 11" Shuttle 2.1 Blue
STL002RD - 15" Shuttle 2.1 Red
STL002RB - 15" Shuttle 2.1 Blue

work anytime, anyplace, anywhere
Designed so that your computer never has to leave the case, the Shuttle allows you to work comfortably from your lap or any desktop surface. A rubberized, non-slip bottom surface keeps the case in place, helping prevent accidental falls.   Plastic, corrugated stiffeners provide support from below and also help to shield your lap from excessive heat. 

Work on your laptop outside- worry free

    convenient storage
    The shuttle sports two convenient exterior pockets - one for documents and one for essential accessories. Purposely kept to a minimum, the case prevents unnecessary overloading, particularly important to schools. 
      additional storage for chargers, notebooks and other items
      cooldeck & protective frame

      The Cooldeck’s non-slip riser pads elevate the laptop from the bottom surface of the case, providing airspace to allow convective currents to draw in cool air and expel hot air, keeping both your lap and laptop a lot cooler!

      A molded, padded perimeter frame provides serious drop protection for the areas most susceptible to damage, the edges!

      Corrugated plastic stiffeners line the surfaces both above (to protect screens from external pressure points) and below the netbook (providing a stable base on which to sit).

      The cool deck lets air flow freely out of your laptop

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