Shuttle 3.0


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From the pioneers of work-from-the-case solutions, Higher Ground has evolved their most successful case to be more compact, protective, and stylish than ever before.  

Based on decades of experience protecting education technology, the Shuttle not only safely transports your laptop, it makes it easier and more accessible to use.  You'll be ready for work or play anytime, anywhere. Your Chromebook never leaves the case, providing ruggedized, full-time protection while allowing you to work comfortably on your desk or lap.
The Shuttle work-in Chromebook case's clean, sophisticated style is offered in a variety of sizes — the always-on laptop case accommodates laptops and Chromebooks at 11 inches, 13 inches and 14 inches.  An optional shoulder strap and power pocket (for your cables, charger) are also available.   
Schools and insurance companies value the superior protection (and appreciate the savings in lost time and claims), while customers absolutely love the Shuttle Chromebook case's slim design and style.  Functional protection has never looked better.  


  • Always-on design assures constant protection
  • Cooling deck prevents overheating
  • Carry handle and optional shoulder strap make for easy handling
  • Stiff EVA shell and shock-absorbing corners provide superior protection
  • Non-slip bottom means your laptop stays where you put it
  • Corner straps keep the device securely in place
  • Zipper provides easy closure and access
  • Optional storage pocket keeps chargers close by
Patent Pending. 
Recent reviews:  9/10 from


The Edtech Awards Cool Tool Finalist 2018


- 11" 11.75" x 8.75" x 1.5" max computer size
- 13" 13" x 9.5" x 1.5" max computer size
- 14"  14" x 10" x 1.5" max computer size  (fits the 2016/2017 macbook pro 15")
STL3.0-11GRY - 11" Shuttle 3.0
STL3.0-11GRYSS - 11" Shuttle 3.0 w/ Shoulder Strap
STL3.0-11GRYPP - 11" Shuttle 3.0 w/ Power Pocket
STL3.0-11GRYBUND - 11" Shuttle 3.0 w/ Shoulder Strap & Power Pocket
STL3.0-13GRY - 13" Shuttle 3.0
STL3.0-13GRYSS - 13" Shuttle 3.0 w/ Shoulder Strap
STL3.0-13GRYPP - 13" Shuttle 3.0 w/ Power Pocket
STL3.0-13GRYBUND - 13" Shuttle 3.0 w/ Shoulder Strap & Power Pocket
STL3.0-14GRY - 14" Shuttle 3.0
STL3.0-14GRYSS - 14" Shuttle 3.0 w/ Shoulder Strap
STL3.0-14GRYPP - 14" Shuttle 3.0 w/ Power Pocket
STL3.0-14GRYBUND - 14" Shuttle 3.0 w/ Shoulder Strap & Power Pocket

Why Choose Higher Ground?

When you purchase protection for your educational materials from Higher Ground, you get best-in-class products that are often imitated but never beaten. We constantly innovate with our products as technology and the needs of students change, so you can always get the best protection at an affordable price. Plus, Higher Ground offers lifetime warranties on all products along with excellent customer service. Contact our team to learn more about our products, request a quote and find the right laptop, Chromebook and tablet storage solutions for you.

Shuttle 3.0 Laptop case is compact, protective, secure,  and has a non-slip bottom.

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