PROTEx • Air 1-2


The PROTEx is the easiest iPad case to hold.  Slip your hand into the silicone X-strap on the back, and the case holds your hand for you! The ergonomic edge is easy to grip and provides a complete bumper of drop protection!  

The PROTEx has a streamlined design that makes it practical for presentations, in schools or anywhere you want peace of mind protection. Compact enough for charging carts or your favorite bag, the PROTEx is built to ensure your iPad can take what life throws at you.

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• two sizes available -   iPad Air 1, New iPad 2017/ 2018 & iPad Air 2
• TPU construction absorbs shock and resists wear and tear
• ergonomic profile for an enhanced grip and protection
• silicone X-strap for a secure, comfortable hold
• raised bevel protects the screen glass from accidental drops
• sound channel redirects and amplifies sound from back to front
PRTXAIR/5THGEN - PROTEx for iPad Air 1, 5th Gen, 6th Gen
PRTXAIR2 - PROTEx for iPad Air 2

TPU construction

Shock-absorbing, smooth TPU construction utilizes air chambers and a raised edge to provide complete drop protection.

sound channel
A front-facing sound channel redirects and amplifies sound from the iPad's rear-facing speaker. 
The protex folio redirects your iPad rear-facing speaker to the front.

silicone X-strap

The silicone X-strap creates a comfortable, confident hold, free from worry of accidental drops. The unique design lets you hold the device in both vertical and horizontal orientations.  Best of all, the strap actually holds your hand for you! 

The silicone x strap provides a confident, worry-free hold of your tablet.

ergonomic form

The ergonomic edge grip accommodates hands of all sizes, providing a more comfortable way to hold your iPad.

drop protection

In the event of a fall, the TPU's generous edge protection will provide your iPad with the best chance of survival. 

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