Flak Jacket

royal blue

Advanced, Lightweight Armor for Your Laptop

The Flak Jacket laptop case is advanced, lightweight armor for your laptop. You won't find neoprene sleeves here. Neoprene may feel good and spongy to the touch, but its shock protection is weak. The Flak Jacket combines low resilience, highly shock-absorbing foam with corrugated plastic stiffeners to deliver complete protection in a slim, lightweight laptop case design. Polyurethane foam is more environmentally friendly than neoprene and in case of an accidental slip, it’s friendlier to your laptop as well. Plus, the stiff shell means this laptop case can double as a lapdesk when needed to protect your skin from the heat of the device.

The Flak Jacket laptop case provides excellent protection to iPads, Chromebooks, Macbooks and other tablets and laptops and can easily be carried by students of all ages — it’s no bigger than a notebook or binder and can be slipped into backpacks and bags for transport to and from school. With three convenient sizes, this case protects devices — including iPads and laptops like Chromebooks and Macbook Airs — that are 11 inches, 13 inches and 15 inches in size.

Don’t let your laptop or tablet leave the house without its jacket.

• 11" accommodates 11.8" x 8.5" x 1.1"
• 13" accommodates a 13” x 9.5“ x 1.25” laptop
• 15" accommodates a 14.75" x 10.5" x 1.3" laptop
• compact design fits easily into backpacks or other bags 
• case can become a lapdesk for your laptop
• maximum protection for its size
• Shock absorbing Low Resilience Polyurethane Foam 
• 2 ply (set at 90° to one another) corrugated plastic armor 
• perimeter LRPu foam padding 
• ripstop nylon exterior surfaces
• constructed using the finest expedition grade fabrics

FJ013RB - Flak Jacket 13" Royal Blue
FJ013RD - FLak Jacket 13" Red


    blue flak jacket laptop case
    lap desk

    Once your laptop is removed, you may use the reinforced case as a stable lap desk of your computer, helping keep some of the excess heat from reaching your skin.

    Keep your device protected with shock absorbing foam, corrugated armor and ripstop nylon.
    protective armor
    Though much of Higher Ground's gear is designed for couch surfing, you won't find neoprene here. The soft, spongy material is great for wet suits however neoprene is less desirable when it comes to drop or shock protection for your laptop. The Flak Jacket's polyurethane foam provides superior protection.  

    The Flak Jacket's shock-absorbing foam and corrugated plastic stiffeners deliver protective armor for your laptop in a slick, understated design. Far superior to neoprene, the low resilience polyurethane foam is better for the environment and safer for your device in case of accidental bumps or drops.

    Higher Ground Will Take Care of Your School’s Educational Devices

    Higher Ground is the leader in creating innovative case solutions for laptops, Chromebooks and tablets used by schools around the country. Our innovative technology will protect your devices while saving you time and money in replacements. If you want excellent customer support, lifetime warranties on all products and outstanding value for unmatched quality, choose Higher Ground.

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