Flak Jacket Plus 12" RED only


Advanced, lightweight armor for your laptop. 
An extension of the original model, Flak Jacket plus offers the same slim design with enough room for your device and its essentials. Secure, sewn-in handles and a shoulder strap make the Flak Jacket plus convenient for work on the go. A compact, easy-to-access front pocket serves as storage for your power adapter and other accessories.


• 12" accommodates up to 11.75" x 9.75" x 1.5"  
• convenient outside pocket fits adapter and accesories
• secure, sewn-in handles and shoulder strap for easy transport
• superior protection in a compact design
• shock-absorbing, LRPu foam and corrugated plastic stiffeners 
• covered with ripstop nylon and made of the finest expedition-grade fabrics


    chrome and tablet friendly
    Chromebooks find a well fitted home in the 12" Flak Jacket.  The Flak Jacket has become the first line of protection for many major 1 to 1 programs throughout the world.  The results speak for themselves in cost reduction and decreased student downtime.  Equally great for tablets with keyboards.  Rugged protection in an efficient package, great for students of all ages.


    surfing the web
    Though much of Higher Ground's gear is designed for couch surfing, you won't find neoprene here. The soft, spongy material is great for wet suits however neoprene is less desireable when it comes to drop or shock protection for your laptop. The Flak Jacket's polyurethane foam provides superior protection.
      Protective armor
      The Flak Jacket combines low resilience, highly shock absorbing foam with corrugated plastic stiffeners to provide complete protection from your laptop in a slim, lightweight solution. Not only is the low resilience foam more environmentally friendly than neoprene, but in the event of a fall, it's friendlier to your computer as well. Don't let your laptop or tablet leave the house without its jacket.

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