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ATTENTION Vandebilt Catholic School customers. PLEASE NOTE:  The Podium is for the original iPad 2-4. If your student has iPad Air or Air 2, they need the PROTEX Folio.

The Podium serves the dual purpose of utility and rugged armor for your iPad. Securing the iPad in a molded silicone sleeve surrounded by memory foam, the Podium offers total protection. The clever hook & loop strap/ tilt design creates adjustable screen angles for typing and viewing. Fold the case behind, and the elastic X-strap converts your iPad into a secure handheld device. Magnets within the cover make it as simple as open and close to ensure your iPad gets proper rest. Open the cover to wake your device and close it to put the iPad to sleep.  The Podium is the ideal iPad folio solution for those who need security and function in one.

• accommodates iPad2-4.  Does NOT fits iPad Airs
• 10.5" x 8.5" x 1.75" 
• ruggedized construction with memory foam
• molded silicone sleeve for a perfect fit 
• adjustable positions for viewing and typing
• sleep/wake magnet in cover
• cutout for rear camera access
• elastic X-strap for a secure, comfortable hold
• magnetic tab closure 
• non-slip bottom surface
• corrugated plastic core for screen protection
• reinforced stress points for secure handling
• expedition-grade fabrics with heavy waterproof coating

adjustable strand

Rather than a series of ridges or steps on the inside cover (which can mar your screen's surface over time), the Podium uses an adjustable hook & loop strap to create a wide range of viewing and typing positions.


    The elastic X-strap delivers a comforable and confident hold, free from worry of accidental drops. The unique design lets you hold the device in both vertical and horizontal orientations.


    "We plan to begin an iPad pilot program with our freshmen class next year. I visited a school in Houston who introduced iPads for their entire high school this year. When I asked them what their breakage rate was, I was stunned at their numbers. They had averaged 2 broken iPads per week. This school had purchased another popular brand's snap-on case for all of their iPads. Conversely, when I spoke to another school, they reported that they had experienced zero broken iPads. They gave the cases they purchased from you all the credit. So, going on that kind of recommendation, we are interested in purchasing your iPad Podium case for our freshmen class."
    Christina Jontra, Grace Community School


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