For 14 years, Higher Ground has been protecting technology from the rigors of students and the classroom. Our experience can be seen in every product we design. Each solution a little more protective, durable and functional than the last.  Accidents happen. Worry less.   Call to learn more at 888.662.4300.

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Oshkosh School rolls out Chromebooks with the Flak Jacket Plus.

November 12, 2014

While students enjoyed a day off Monday, Oshkosh school district staff were hard at work as 804 chromebook computers were distributed to teachers as part of the district's one-on-one technology initiative.   Click through to see video.     

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INTEROP 2014 - K12 Interview

April 25, 2014

While attending INTEROP in Las Vegas, we had the opportunity to meet with many great schools who are planning for their 2014/15 needs.  We also had the opportunity to participate in a short video interview for the INTEROP-K12 blogspot, interviewed by Scott Fosseen.   The video from the blog is included below.  

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Higher Ground in Education

October 08, 2013

Higher Ground leverages more than a decade of education experience to build products that protect devices from the rigors of the classroom. The Flak Jacket is armor for your laptop, combining high shock absorbency foam with corrugated plastic stiffeners to protect your machine in an efficient, lightweight design. Shuttle delivers non-stop laptop protection because you can work directly from the case. It's non-slip riser pads keep your machine cool and on secure footing and the non-slip underside grips your lap or desk. The iPad PROTEx promises drop protection and it's unique X-strap provides students of all ages a firm hold so they can collaborate and engage without worry. Higher Ground's durable cases are compact yet tough enough to ensure device...

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