About Higher Ground

Shaun Jackson Design was founded in 1989 providing design and product development for many well-known consumer product companies including Nike, Herman Miller, L.L. Bean, Eddie Bauer, Brookstone, Harley Davidson, and Patagonia. In 1998, inspired by an increasing awareness of how emerging technologies (particularly laptop computers and the internet) were changing the way we work and learn, SJ Design developed a patented computer carrying case that transformed instantly into a portable work environment. They nicknamed the product, “The Lapdog.” Within a few months, the product was receiving rave reviews. Sales for the Lapdog exploded, the name stuck and a new product based company was born.  SJ Design delivered innovation and enhanced functionality to a space that was for the most part, retrofitted, padded briefcases.   Now laptops were truly able to be used in one's lap, shielding excessive heat via the non-slip, cooldeck platform and providing efficient and easily accessible storage. 

The product line and brand continued to grow in specialized catalogs and gift stores such as Brookstone, Hamacher Schlemer, Travel Tools, Sky Mall, Levenger, and countless others.  In September of 2001, just as the catalog season was kicking off into full swing, the worst happened.  Our country was under attack and people's minds and eyes were glued to TV's and news reports.   Catalogs found there way to the trash cans at record pace and the once growing and bustling business started to look more like a bust.  A shift and refocus was needed, and needed quickly.   Based in Ann Arbor, home of the University of Michigan were Shaun was also a professor (and Mark a former student) they recognized that sooner or later, every student will be using some sort of computing device to learn from.   In 2002, Higher Ground was born.  Higher Ground has worked hand in hand with schools to design world class products and become one of the most trusted and widely recognized computer case brands in the education market.  

Higher Ground is committed to designing and delivering the best products and value possible to their customers.   Schools recognize the importance of protecting the technology.  Damaged equipment means an expense to the school and downtime for the student.  Students can be rough.  Higher Ground cases are built tough. 

Higher Ground provides protective gear with enhanced functionality for laptops and tablet computers in a colorful assortment 



Mark Zadvinskis: President 

Mark is an award winning designer who has been the general manager, senior designer and director of operations at Shaun Jackson Design since 1995. He holds degrees from the University of Michigan in both industrial design and mechanical engineering. While a student at Michigan, Mark won a number of awards including the prestigious IDSA student merit award and the Reebok Designovation competition. Mark has worked as a design intern at Reebok and has acted as a teaching assistant at the University of Michigan. Mark is responsible for all aspects of the overall operations at Shaun Jackson Design as well as acting as chief technology officer and webmaster. Beyond his work at Shaun Jackson Design, Mark is well known locally as the co-owner and the driving creative force behind two of the Detroit areas leading dance clubs, Liquid Lounge and Necto. Necto was recently awarded “Best New Club in America,” by both URB and BPM Magazines, and has been featured in Rolling Stone Magazine, the Wall Street Journal and the New York Post. Mark has been responsible for all aspects of the design of these award winning night spots that attract some of the world's leading DJs, from the graphic identity to the interior design and furnishings.