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ATTENTION Vandebilt Catholic School customers. PLEASE NOTE:  The PROTEX FOLIO Air has two designs, one for the original Air and one for the Air 2. The camera hole location is in a different location on the rear. Please verify your student's device prior to ordering. 

The PROTEx Folio protects and makes your iPad easier to use and hold than ever before. Higher Ground's exclusive X-strap system secures the ipad right to your hand. An inset, molded frame provides protection where it's needed the most.  Sound channels redirect the iPad's audio to the front, where it belongs.  The multi-position stand provides comfortable low or high viewing angles.   ID and asset tag windows help with quick identification.  The hard cover is cleanable and non-slip, so it stays put where you want it.  

The PROTEx is thin enough for classroom cart use and provides easy access to charging port. 

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• Fits iPad Air 1 and 2
• TPU construction absorbs shock and resists wear and tear
• Stand for viewing or typing
• silicone X-strap for a secure, comfortable hold
• raised bevel protects the screen glass from accidental drops
• sound channel redirects and amplifies sound from back to front

    TPU construction

    Shock-absorbing, smooth TPU construction utilizes air chambers and a raised edge to provide complete drop protection.

    sound channel
    A front-facing sound channel redirects and amplifies sound from the iPad's rear-facing speaker. 

      silicone X-strap
      The silicone X-strap creates a comfortable, confident hold, free from worry of accidental drops. The unique design lets you hold the device in both vertical and horizontal orientations.
        Drop Protection
        In the event of a fall, the TPU's generous edge protection will provide your iPad with the best chance of survival. 

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